Montblanc welcomes an unconventional fragrance

11 April, 2019 | After Legend and Emblem Montblanc launches Explorer, a new fragrance that pays tribute the theme of exploration.

Montblanc shares the same values as explorers, such as the relentless quest for excellence. From South Africa to Haiti, Italy, Germany or Indonesia; Montblanc Explorer offers an opportunity to discover the rarest ingredients and manufacturing methods that combine craftsmanship with the latest technology.

To create Montblanc Explorer, three outstanding talents from scent company, Givaudan have combined their expertise: Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux. Each of them brought their own knowledge of a specific ingredient and their emotional experience, both as a nose and a traveller, to this unique collaborative project. Together they have created an innovative olfactory pyramid, an invitation to embark on a real expedition to discover the most precious scents.

The fragrance is a unique woody-aromatic-leather concoction that combines essences of bergamot from Italy, vetiver from Haiti and patchouli from India.

The Montblanc Explorer fragrance is available here

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      Hi Sefako,

      The Montblanc Explorer fragrance retails for R 1,395.00

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