Wildlife inspired kimonos by KLEED

14 August, 2019 | The KLEED brand was founded in 2016 by Carolina Guedes Cruz, a dynamic Portuguese entrepreneur with two ruling passions in her life: fashion and wildlife conservation in Africa.


Her KLEED kimonos (kleed is the Afrikaans word for robe) are all inspired by nature in one way or another. KLEED also partners with Saving the Survivors, one of the most respected wildlife NGOs in Africa and pioneering leaders in rhino conservation. For her limited-edition Bagh Spring/Summer 2019 resort-wear line, she turned to another part of the world, enlisting the masterful talents of Jaipur-based illustrator and painter Vikas Soni, the man behind the murals of the iconic Bar Palladio Jaipur, to bring the fauna of India to life on silk.



Find out more on KLEED’s website.

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