A simply extraordinary BMW

8 July, 2019 | It’s been a while since I’ve driven a head-turner straight out of the box, but I had two to test in Cape Town recently, shortly before the dealerships took delivery of their precious cargo, says Debbie Hathway.

A simply extraordinary BMW

It felt like the BMW 8 Series Coupe got more attention than the BMW Z4 Roadster, which had a lot to do with its F1-like throaty growl. (With more time I would have tried switching to manual and changing gears on the paddles as if I really were on the track!) I found the BMW 8 Series Coupe an easier, more comfortable ride, possibly due to the BMW Z4 driver assistance being activated, making hard work out of changing lanes.

I had chosen the BMW Z4 sDrive20i from the line-up and the car’s electronic system, designed to promote safe driving, automatically tried to make me hold my line. My co-driver changed the setting when I mentioned the challenge (lest he thought my driving wasn’t up to scratch!) and I settled in to enjoy the ride with the top down.

I erred on the side of caution, which he made up for once he settled in behind the wheel and really put both cars through their paces through some scenic Winelands stretches and mountain passes.

I’m not a petrolhead so I found the power and responsiveness of both cars exhilarating. The Bavarian manufacturer’s attention to detail is par excellence and the craftsmanship noticeable in the interior finishings is memorable.

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