Expect an electrifying pace in 2022

7 January, 2019 | Mercedes’ relentless drive towards electric cars continues at a striking pace.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Electrifying pace by 2022

The biggest of these will be a large zero-emissions saloon, to be called the EQS, which will be lower and sleeker than even the CLS and AMG GT 4-Door Coupé and will rival a high-spec Tesla Model S and the upcoming Porsche Taycan, VW Phaeton and Jaguar XJ electric vehicles. It will sit alongside the next new S-Class, which will itself be a bigger but lighter car when it debuts in 2020. As usual, we can expect multiple new innovations, including optional level-3 autonomous driving capability. Meanwhile, Mercedes-AMG celebrates its recent 50th anniversary with Project One. It’s a project to fuse the highly complex Formula 1 hybrid technology with a road-going car. 275 fortunate customers with €2 275 000 will get to experience its 0-100k/km in 2.5 seconds – thanks to its 1.6-litre V6 turbo engine linked with two electric motors.

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