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The new Ferrari F8 Spider is now available in SA

Beautifully packaged power and performance delivers the best Ferrari engine yet.

Combining the characteristics of the most lauded 8-cylinder engine in history with unparalleled driving pleasure, simply put, the Ferrari F8 Spider is a beast on wheels. Unveiled earlier this month at the newly revamped Scuderia South Africa showroom in Bryanston Johannesburg, the Ferrari F8 Spider was designed in parallel with the F8 Tributo and features the Prancing Horses’ compact and efficient RHT (Retractable Hard Top) which influences the lines of a model that leads its category.

The F8 Spider is the latest addition to an exclusive and prestigious bloodline of open-top V8 that began with the 308 GTS in 1977. It is less extreme than that of the 488 Pista, but sportier and more innovative than that of the 488 Spider which it replaces in the range. The F8 Spider’s greatest achievement is the fact that it unleashes its power instantly with zero turbo lag, while retaining this V8’s unique and very special soundtrack. The effortless handling and performance were made possible by integrating a series of innovative, track derived aero solutions into its design. The engine is a development of the V8 that won the “International Engine of the Year Award” for four consecutive years (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) and that was also selected as the best engine of the last two decades.


The objective of every new model produced by Maranello is to introduce new design features and outperform its predecessors on all fronts. The F8 Spider replaces the 488 Spider and improves on all aspects of its specifications. Aside from the fact that its engine delivers an extra 50 cv, the new Ferrari is 20 kg lighter than its predecessor. It weighs just 20 kg more than the more extreme 488 Pista Spider. The F8 Spider is significantly more aerodynamically efficient, and features the new 6.1 version of the Side Slip Angle Control system. In a word, it’s a dream.


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