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A bespoke solution to anti-ageing

Aesthetic expert, Dr André Truter, believes in a collaborative effort to ensure the best, most natural results are achieved.

Dr André Truter, from the Renewal Institute, stresses that there is no one size fits all approach in aesthetic medicine. And, clients should be conscious of over-correcting. Start low and increase it slow, he says.

‘At the Renewal Institute we refer to the skin as the dashboard of the body. When something is not well on the inside, it will automatically reflect on the skin. I encourage my patients to collaboratively consider the four pillars of anti-ageing.’

A bespoke solution to anti-ageing 1The correct usage of injectables, which address lines and wrinkles through treatments such as neuromodulators, dermal fillers or threads.

A bespoke solution to anti-ageing 2In-Salon treatments that improve the condition of the skin by stimulating collagen, such as lasers, peels or needling.

A bespoke solution to anti-ageing 3Living a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet, enough deep, restorative sleep, regular exercise and the management of stress levels.

A bespoke solution to anti-ageing 4 Using the correct products at home to support the in-salon treatments and protect the skin for the periods in between.

Dr Truter has a keen interest in lasers treatments of different wavelengths too, but is quick to point out that with an increasing number of cutting-edge anti-ageing laser technologies surfacing it’s important to understand that different conditions require different wavelengths.

Renewal Institute doctors and therapists have access to a large variety of laser technologies, which allows targeted measures to correctly treat specific conditions.

‘Medical lasers are all based on amplified light – laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. While the technology of it will stay the same, it’s constantly being improved upon – you may have the same technology but with different innovations.

For practitioners, it’s important to keep going to aesthetic and medical congresses to stay on top of the innovations. Such innovations include more effective handsets and shorter recovery time and more comfort for the patient.’

A bespoke solution to anti-ageing 5Dr André Truter completed his pure science as well as medical degrees at the University of Stellenbosch. He worked as a general practitioner in Stellenbosch for nineteen years. He is experienced in administering injectables and lasers of different wavelengths and has a keen interest in sports science.

Find out more about the experts at the Renewal institute here.


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