A decadent chocolate delight

With Easter on the horizon, Le Bristol Paris Hotel reveals a masterpiece Easter Egg from their Michelin star kitchens.

Inspiration for the most creative chefs often comes from life’s sensual highs. This year Julien Alvarez, Chef Pâtissier found his creativity fired up while climbing Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island. The concept was honed by Alvarez’s personal interest in avant-garde sculptures. This art enthusiast is a complete master of his material, 64% Peruvian Grand Cru chocolate.

Made with beans from a single plantation in Peru, this extravagant ingredient has a distinctive aromatic quality. The egg, envisioned by Julien Alvarez, seems born from a dark and powerful chocolate flow, where hazelnuts burst into a caramelised explosion to be frozen in movement. The rough texture shimmers under a dusting of gold powder. The limited edition easter egg sculpture, which is 60cm high and weighs 7kg, is available exclusively by order from Le Bristol Paris.

Photograph courtesy of Oetker Collection