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A modern pen from a heritage brand

The Waterman Expert collection is the legacy of this historic brand.

In 1883, then salesman Lewis Edson Waterman lost a big sale because of a leaking fountain pen. He invented the “Three Fissure Feed’ system soon after that. The system prevented the excessive discharge of ink when the pens are in use, for the first time. In 1899 Waterman developed the “Spoon Feed” supplying system which prevented ink overflow.

But Waterman first gained recognition in 1900, at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, where it was awarded the gold medal of excellence, the highest accolade available. This early recognition would see Waterman adopted by the French public as an iconic brand, a sentiment that continues today with all Waterman fine pens being made in France.

A modern pen from a heritage brand 1

A contemporary classic

Fast forward to 1992 when the Expert Collection was designed. It’s a chic business pen that brings smart Parisian styling to your every day. With its generous cigar-shaped silhouette and wealth of fine materials, it reveals that beneath your executive persona stirs a creative spirit. The collection features a generous choice of colours and finishes including rich deep lacquers and fine engraving.


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