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A plate of botanical art

Exquisite dishes that are healthy too – it’s Mother Nature on a plate, says Chef Chantel Dartnall of Restaurant Mosaic.
Restaurant Mosaic

At the end of last year, at La Liste World Restaurant Awards, Chef Chantel Dartnall of Restaurant Mosaic in Pretoria, won the title of Country Winner, and was the highest ranking restaurant in South Africa with a score of 94% as well as being placed in the La Liste 200 top restaurants in the world.

Dartnall defines her approach to food as “Botanical Cuisine — to feature Mother Nature on a plate, where each dish is designed to reflect the beauty, balance, harmony and purity that you find in nature.” It’s about capturing nature’s nuances, but it’s also about studying the medicinal properties of the herbs and flowers she includes in the menu, to aid in digestion, promote blood circulation and a general feeling of wellbeing. She believes it is vital to serve visually appealing dishes that tell a story and stimulate diners’ senses from the moment the food arrives at the table.

Chef Chantel Dartnall of Restaurant Mosaic
Chef Chantel Dartnall

Chantel draws her inspiration from Restaurant Mosaic’s lush surroundings and the abundance of plant life.  She sources the best seasonal ingredients and working closely with local farmers and ethical suppliers is an important aspect of Chantel’s food philosophy.

Since inception, Mosaic has focused on uplifting the local community by creating employment opportunities not only at Restaurant Mosaic, but in The Orient Private Hotel and surrounding Francolin Conservancy, developing both their skill sets and confidence.

Restaurant Mosaic

Some of the longest-serving members of the kitchen and front of house teams did not have any formal training or restaurant experience before they started at Mosaic, yet over the years, their skills were developed and with new knowledge gained, they are now able to work in the best establishments around the world.

For more information visit Restaurant Mosaic’s website.


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