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A Quiet Land: Namibia

In a country where you can drive for hours without seeing another soul, magic can be found.

A late afternoon light settles on the open land illuminating the red boulders jutting out from the yellow-green savannah. A hawk glides slowly across the blue sky. In the far distance a herd of gemsbok graze and not far from them red dust rises, kicked up by restless wildebeest. This is Namibia, the third least densely populated country in the world after Greenland and Mongolia. And while it might be understandable that the icy remotenesss of the aforementioned should hold less appeal for human life, it is harder to understand why so few live here. With good year-round weather and breathtaking landscape, the population is just over two million in a country the size of Germany and Spain combined.

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At Habitas Namibia you can truly appreciate the beauty of this unique land. Located on a 50 000 hectare private wildlife reserve, the property offers 12 tented camps, a rim flow pool, communal dining area and fire pit where guests can overlook the endless panoramic vistas across the savannah. It’s also relatively easy to get to, in terms of African distances. It’s a direct 2-hour flight from either Johannesburg or Cape Town to Windhoek. From there a transfer will take you on the 45-minute drive to the reserve’s gates where a game ranger will meet you in an open game vehicle.
Once at the lodge the focus is on rest, restoration and reconnecting with nature. The natural elegance of the décor, the seamless blending of the tented suites and main lodge with the natural surrounds allows you to breathe out and connect with something slower and quieter within.

Opened in 2019, Habitas Namibia is one of a number of lodges under the Habitas group umbrella.

With lodges in Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica, what unites each location is the group’s ethos – to make as little mark on the land. Like the others, Habitas Namibia has been built sustainably using Habitas’ innovative modular build. The light-footprint rooms have been created, delivered and assembled on-site using sustainable materials to minimise any environmental impact.

Habitas co-founder and CEO, Oliver Ripley, says, “We could not be more thrilled to establish our first ‘home’ in Africa with the opening of Habitas Namibia. Namibia’s rich history, culture, landscape and wildlife lends invaluable perspective to those who seek greater understanding of the world through shared experiences.”

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With regards to activity programming, don’t expect your run of the mill safari experience as Namibia Habitas has a distinctive offering in line with their ethos such as game drives complemented with a lesson in medicinal plants, indigenous spa treatments using the healing properties of the Himba red ochre, sunrise yoga in the stillness of the savannah or a bush braai under the stars with local live music and dance, or even djembe drumming if you’re so inclined.

After dark lying in a plush bed, the sound of the canvas tent being brushed by the night breeze, there’s a sense of the greatness of life with little standing between you and nature.

by Susan Newham-Blake

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