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An exceptional writing instrument

Writing may become a lost art, but as with other craft industries, with loss often comes appreciation, and none more so than for the Waterman Exception collection.
Waterman Exception pen

Typewriters, camera film, vinyl records, FM/AM radio – there are things we hold on to, and even use, after they’ve been superseded. Some because they look good, some for nostalgic reasons, and some have a tactility, and authenticity – their use can give action meaning.

A Waterman Exception fountain pen has that ability to imbue meaning when used. It’s the weight of it, and the necessity to focus on the act of writing – and so what that writing signifies – that gives it such appeal.

Exception’s rare design stands out for its distinctive square shape. With a sophisticated silhouette, Exception rewrites the design rules of fine writing and makes this exquisite instrument strikingly unique. The refined square profile tapers into a rounded front grip, feeling secure and comfortable in the hand. The geometric clip design and contemporary trims beautifully complement the unusual shape of the pen.

Waterman Exception pen3
Waterman Exception fountain pen

Waterman’s expert knowledge and selective use of superior fine material enhance the design. Rich deep iridescent lacquer coupled with precious metals, including gold, brings a sense of prestige to this stylish pen. Technical ingenuity underpins the unconventional design highlighted by the use of an innovative bayonet system to ensure the cap always realigns perfectly.

Also available in rollerball and ballpoint, the Waterman Exception collection is understated and professional.

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