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Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage V600 is back – for a short while

On a list of the best things to come from the 90s, many in the know would regard Aston Martin's V600 a solid entry. Then the name of the twin-supercharged 600bhp Vantage, Aston Martin's Q division have now - yes, in 2018 - released a limited run of 600hp two-door's offered in coupe and convertible.

Fresh off the heels of production of the new Vantage, this stunning throwback to simpler times will have a production run of only fourteen cars. Built by hand by the experts at Q, seven roadsters and as many coupes will be fitted with a 6-liter, v-12 engine primed to give you ‘a 35hp increase over the last V12 Vantage S‘, as Robb Report explains.

That comes standard, as does the car’s unique nose and seven-speed manual gearbox, but all fourteen cars will be customised to their owner’s preferences through a close collaboration with Aston Martin’s head of design, Marek Reichman.

This run was intended as a send-off to the VH-platform Vantages, making this car a unique investment opportunity for potential collectors.

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