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The tie – it’s a strip of a thing, but Weef’s range oozes class and modernity.

The revival of colour – certainly in the last decade – has been a standout in men’s fashion. A simple way for a gentleman to jazz up an otherwise staid suit is to add a statement tie and coordinating socks.

However, bold ties needn’t always be a feature. A muted shirt accessory oozes sophistication – and yes, you can still slip on your beloved brightly striped Paul Smith socks. The trick is to keep your subtle neckpiece modern, though – otherwise you may as well ask your father for his collection.

Texture is a clever way of introducing freshness (read: modernity) into your wardrobe, but if you’re in the corporate game, neckpieces fashioned out of an oddly textured cloth won’t do. That’s where classic materials come in, and none is more so than leather. Luxurious in both look and feel, carefully crafted leather pieces are as essential to a man’s wardrobe as the can’t live-without little black dress is to a woman’s. Leather is not only flexible and durable but injects polish into a multitude of wardrobe pairings. It’s indispensable for office days – you know this, of course – and, thanks to the creative smarts of Weef, no longer relegated to shoes, belts and briefcases alone. Enter the leather tie.

Designed by label co-founders Dévan Swanepoel and Patrick Musil, the range is handmade from the finest quality leather in a variety of rich shades. Dimension-wise, Weef ties are described as ‘skinny tailored’, which gives them a contemporary aesthetic. ‘Our ties are made to be exported to the rest of the world, as well as being sold in South Africa,’ says Swanepoel – and a skinnier look is very European, appealing to the international market.

Should you prefer something more substantial, Weef will custom-make your tie to your online order and deliver it to you. They’ll even engrave it. Just don’t expect it to be anything other than understated in terms of colour – although ‘wildcard colours’ Oxblood Red and Cognac Tan are rather fun, says Swanepoel. ‘The colours we use are African and we want to portray that by keeping to a certain palette.’ Besides, should electric lime really be holding court so close to your face? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

The heady scent that only premium leather can emit, on the other hand, is definitely deserving of a spot in your wardrobe. Imagine the fragrance of the leather seats of a luxury car being released gently so you get a feel-good hit throughout the day. That’s what it’s like to wear a Weef tie.

Weef are launching six brand-new bow ties in the same colours as their skinny ties soon. See the collection at

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