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The new Bell & Ross Horograph & Horolum: an invitation to travel

Bell & Ross watchmaking firm is an essential point of reference in the field of professional aviation timepieces. Its iconic square watch with graphic lines was released in 2005. Today, the brand takes a further step by launching the BR03-92 Horograph and the BR03-92 Horolum, two models that are an invitation to travel. Their functionalist dial fulfills the mission of displaying time with the utmost efficiency.
A minimalist Bauhaus-inspired design

The new BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum fit perfectly in the Bell & Ross family of watch-instruments. Travel is their passion, and optimum readability their goal. Their cases, designed in a contemporary style, retake Bell & Ross’ iconic “circle within a square”, reminiscent of the clocks in aircraft cockpits. Aesthetically, these timepieces adopt one of the great precepts of design: “shape induced by function.” Bauhaus, the legendary German school of fine arts is at the origin of this movement characterized by an abundance of right angles, clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Way ahead of its time, this movement established, as early as in the 20s, the foundations of modern design. The BR03-92 Horograph and the BR03-92 Horolum present themselves as the worthy heirs of this avantgarde movement.

Simplicity serves the utilitarian

The BR03-92 Horograph and BR03-92 Horolum have been designed following the principles of industrial aesthetics. Their simple lines, based on a square case, underline the essential. Each of these contemporary timepieces has an extremely defined character and both evoke the world of aviation. The BR03-92 Horograph reminds us the clocks in airport terminals. Like them, its simple and uncluttered display, features a graphic dial with clear digits. As for the BR03-92 Horolum, it reproduces the codes of lighting in the runway, used to guide pilots night and day.

Their name is made up by the common root “Horo”, from the Latin “Hora” (hour), followed by “Graph” (graphics) or “Lum”, from the Latin “Lumen” (light).

BR 03-92 Horograph

br03-horograph-face-pngThis model is intended to inform the traveller with the utmost clarity and precision. Its graphics are very elaborate and the display is as rigorous as those of airport clocks.

The case:
Boasting the iconic Bell & Ross shape, it is made of micro-blasted steel with a matte finish. The technique consists of high-pressure spraying of tiny glass beads onto the surface of the metal. This roughens it, gives it a uniform appearance and a high purity tone of grey. For the first time in a square steel case, the finish is matte and therefore anti-reflective, avoiding reverberations in sunlight. This process reinforces its extremely graphic look and recalls its utilitarian principle.

The dial:
Its design is simple. The baton indexes, reinforced by baton-shaped hands, guarantee an extremely easy reading. This type of display is now a classic in the world of watchmaking. Its effectiveness no longer needs to be proven. Indexes and hands interact with the black/white contrast, which also guarantees optimum readability.

BR 03-92 Horolum

br03-horolum-face-png-1This model evokes light (“Lumen”) and readability. The Superluminova® coating facilitates reading by day and night. The color used to light up airport runways is found on the dial of this watch. This intense green light illuminates runways in the dark and offers excellent luminosity and extraordinary night readability. A watch that is very well suited for “night owls.”

The case:
Its shape recalls the BR-01 of the early days. Microblasted steel is also used to dress the case and gives it a unique purity.

The dial:
It is made of micro-blasted brass-rhodium with the same look of the case. With an identical finish, these two elements make up a homogeneous block of the same colour. The dial is formed by two superimposing metal plates with a sandwich construction. The grey upper section is cut away around the numerals and indices, revealing the photoluminescent coating covering the lower plate. With its incomparable brilliance, the Superluminova® C3 tinted green is ultra-phosphorescent and lasts a long time in the dark. It also allows persistent reading of the time, even at night. The dial only shows four figures: 12, 3, 6, and 9. Their shape and positioning are reminiscent of the graphics traditionally used by Bell & Ross.


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