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Breitling’s Exospace B55 an instrument of the future

Breitling’s connected Exospace B55 watch is the stylish epitome of technological symbiosis.

In creating its first connected chronograph, Swiss watchmaker Breitling – best known for its pilots’ watches – has placed the smartphone in the service of the watch, so enhancing its functionality and user-friendliness, turning the notion that a phone-watch pairing should always make the timepiece an extension of the phone’s functionality.

With its complimentary communication, the Breitling Exospace B55 reaffirms the brand’s position in the vanguard of electronics with an instrument of the future, designed – as has come to be expected – for aviation professionals.


Don’t call it a smartwatch: the Exospace B55 remains steeped in chronograph tradition, albeit with digital advantages. Breitling’s position is simple: the chronograph remains the absolute master and the connection is primarily designed to improve its functionality. A two-way channel enables the two instruments to form a perfectly complementary pair, each doing what it does best. The smartphone, for example, draws on its main strengths: its screen and its ergonomic interface. This allows Exospace B55 owners to use their phone to perform certain adjustments (time-setting, time zones, alarms, display and operating parameters, night mode and so forth), making for increased comfort and efficiency.

And it works both ways. Results of various measurements (flight times, recorded times with split times, lap times, etcetera) can be uploaded from the Exospace B55 to a smartphone, so as to read them more easily, store them or pass them on. It’s connected watch facilitating the use of the chronograph functions, which as Breitling explains it, is ‘in keeping with the spirit of authentic instruments for professionals’. This multifunction electronic chronograph can also receive emails, message (SMS, WhatsApp) and phone calls notifications as well as reminders of upcoming calendar appointments.

In Breitling tradition, the intelligent timepiece – which used Bluetooth to sync to your smartphone – is aimed at pilots. Calculations and record-cataloguing are made sublimely simple with the swipe of a finger. On top of that all, it’s still a Breitling to behold: in black titanium with a 46mm case and TwinPro rubber strap, it’s a beautiful timepiece before a long ways before being just another gadget.


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