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Churn up some dust with the Porsche Cayenne III

German automobile manufacturer’s first adaptive roof spoiler SUV is now available in the rainbow nation.

The Porsche Cayenne III is now available in South Africa and the line-up comprises three models. The Cayenne and Cayenne S are powered by turbo-charged petrol V6 engines (250kW and 324kW), and the Cayenne Turbo is said to be the first SUV to feature an adaptive roof spoiler for improved aerodynamics and braking.

The Cayenne feels like an engaging driving machine from the moment you are ensconced behind its shapely wheel and acquaint yourself with its elegant, feature-rich 12.3-inch full-HD Porsche Communication Management touch-screen interface. And it can switch effortlessly from urban pottering to churning up dust on a rural dirt road, or from high-speed cruising to carving up a mountain pass.


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