David Brits brings the Ouroboros series to Art Week

David Brits will be presenting his largest works of sculpture to date and the culmination of three years of artistic exploration and experimentation during the upcoming Art Week happening in Johannesburg next month.
David Brits

Brtis’ complex, colossal artworks draw on his fascination with serpentine forms to trace a further inquiry into the nature of shape, scale and symmetry. The Ouroboros series aims to deliver a constantly shifting optical challenge; the patterns nested in the forms being in endless flux, as the audience changes vantage points.

The sculptures sheer size are imposing, but equally captivating is the perceptible weightlessness. Without a starting or finishing point, and appearing arterial in spite of their solidity, the forms seem to writhe and flow in constant movement. The effect is a sense of the wild and methodical working in harmony and unison – a kinetic energy feeding itself.

The form of the sculptures evoke the Ouroboros, an ancient, perennial symbol depicting a snake devouring its own tail. Archetypally, the symbol represents the self-contained primordial unity. Constantly re-creating itself, the sculptures go to the essence of what it means to see and perceive.

“This body of work lies at the intersection between art, innovative 3D technology and breakthroughs in modern material processes. It is the culmination of two years of prototyping and research,” says Brits.

The Ouroboros series will be launched across three platforms, SculptX at Melrose Arch, Latitudes Art Fair and FNB Art Joburg both in Sandton City.

Visit David Brits’ website for more details.