Defy ageing: train your brain to keep working in your favour

Brain Renewal, a division of Renewal Institute, delves into unique technologies and cutting-edge brain profile assessments which are specifically designed to train and optimise brain performance.

As we get older our cognitive skills do wane, and thinking and memory become more challenging: Where did you put your keys? Why did I come into the lounge again? You’ll know the feeling…

But the good news is your brain has the ability to learn and grow as you age — a process called brain plasticity — but for it to do so, you have to train it on a regular basis.

Brain Renewal makes use of cutting-edge brain profile assessments and treatments which can be individually designed for your needs.

Brain mapping

Your brain is unique, so before you embark on any training, it is best to have a map of your brain. This map provides valuable information about how your brain functions. Brain mapping involves a technician attaching tiny electrocardiography and electromyography sensors on your scalp and behind your ears to pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. From this map, a personal and customised training programme will be created for you, in order for you to reach your desired goals.


Neurofeedback provides the tools to train and exercise neural nets in the same way as you would exercise and build muscles. During a neurofeedback session, sensors detect your brainwaves to see your brain in action. A computer compares your brain activity to targets or goals for you to reach. The personalised programme makes more efficient use of brain resources by strengthening specific neural connections. Neurofeedback encourages the brain to function as it was intended, that is, for the left side to keep performing for logical responses and the right side to be more creative.


Neuroplasticity is essentially at work throughout life. Since the brain is pivotal to all we think and do, by harnessing neuroplasticity we can improve everything we do and think. Our brains are constantly being shaped by experience. Most of us have very different behaviours and thoughts today than we did 20 years ago. This shift is neuroplasticity in action; changes in brain structure and organisation as we experience, learn and adapt.


Biofeedback is a technique to learn how to control internal functions normally outside of conscious control. This process uses sensitive instruments that measure and display physical or mental processes – making you aware of things that you can’t easily feel or detect on your own. Biofeedback’s proven effectiveness has made it an accepted medical technique for decades.

Brain Renewal training is currently only available at the Morningside branch in Gauteng and the Cape Quarter branch in the Western Cape.