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Desert Beauty

In daring and powerful counterpoint to more traditional floral sources of inspiration, the latest additions to the Cactus de Cartier collection electrify the art of jewellery.

Desert Beauty 1

The newly budded Cartier cacti turn heads from dawn to dusk. Delightful arrangements take the sting out of prickly pink gold pendants, rings and hoop earrings that can be worn alone or in clusters to suit the mood.

Thorns are the common denominator. A dense thicket fills out the pieces in a ball-shaped crown. A profusion of glittering needles calibrated to the exact millimetre, some sprouting diamonds in flower settings.

Cartier presents a feast of sensations, alternating matte and shiny finishes, scattered with spinel petals. This shimmering, sun-drenched botany lesson is a charm offensive in harmonious nuances of pink. These cacti have feminised their sting.
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