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Ferrari Daytona SP3: One and only

If you're a Ferrari lover, then get ready. Ferrari Daytona SP3 is truly one of a kind.
ferrari daytona sp3

While every Ferrari customer is special, only super-special customers will be invited to buy the latest bespoke car from its Icona division.

You’ve heard it all before, probably, but at 618kW, this really is the most powerful pure combustion production Ferrari road-car of all time. It’s a seriously pretty homage to what Ferrari reckons is ‘one of the most spectacular feats in its entire history’ – when it finished first, second and third in the 1967 Daytona 24 Hour.

Ferrari’s latest hypercar is an amalgam of those top-three finishing racers: 330 P3/4 (1), 330P4 (2) and 412P (3).

By Richard Webb


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