Find your colour with Bang & Olufsen and Sotheby’s audio offering

International auction house and Danish electronics company are auctioning five authentic portable wireless speakers.

Sotheby’s has teamed up with Bang & Olufsen to give sound devotees a rare opportunity to bid on Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound 1 wireless speaker. The auction is currently happening on Sotheby’s website and will be live until 18 July. Each compact device, carrying an estimated value of $3000 to $5000, showcases a marriage of form and function; highlighting what the Bang & Olufsen’s aluminum factory in Struer, Denmark, has to offer.

For a unique sound experience, the Danish audio brand and Sotheby’s Auction House have collaborated to highlight the mastery of sound and design. The immaculately designed conical instrument offers 360-degree acoustic dispersion and each device comes in a rare single-addition hue that has not been offered by Bang & Olufsen.

Head of David Lewis Designers, Torsten Valeur, is responsible for the sophisticated form of the BeoSound 1. Inspired by a desire for simplicity, the award-winning industrial designer envisioned a piece that resembled a musical instrument and decided to craft an entirely new sound device for the five-piece collection. Featuring touch-sensitive controls and Bang & Olufsen’s innovative colour technology the compact speaker is a perfect addition for collectors.

Providing unparalleled acoustics, the BeoSound 1 is coated in an aluminum matt finish displaying the centric research and artistry that has put Bang & Olufsen in the forefront of aluminum craftsmanship. The five different hues coating the speakers is achieved through anodizing – an infamous electrochemical process that converts the aluminum surface.

Able to function as a stand-alone speaker the compact speaker can also be incorporated into a full-home distributed audio system using BeoLink Multiroom sound technology. The BeoSound 1 is a fitting sophisticated piece for the ultimate audiophile.