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The rise of holistic skincare

Doctors have always recognised the benefits of living well, but now more than ever,the need for a holistic approach to skincare is being lauded. We spoke to Skin Renewal's Dr Maricia Duvenage about her approach.

Dr Maricia Duvenage completed her MBChB degree at MEDUNSA and her two-year internship in Bloemfontein. During this time she developed a strong interest in aesthetic medicine. Personal medical issues meant the adoption of a holistic approach to her health and her practice.

She’s no advocate of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ method to aesthetic medicine – an attitude that ‘is most definitely on the rise, and quickly’ among medical professionals. In Dr Duvenage’s experience patients appreciate the new level of involvement they have in their own treatments.

Dr Maricia Duvenhage on holistic skincare‘People are more drawn to natural healing than getting prescription medicines, which often have many nasty side effects. From an aesthetic point of view, it is very important. When the body functions optimally as a whole, it reduces the amount of inflammation that is produced on a daily basis. An accumulation of inflammation is what leads to dysfunction of the body and causes the rate at which people age to accelerate rapidly.’

Your skin on stress

The effects of emotional stress on skin continue to be investigated, with some experts claiming that traumatic events can show up on your face months after the incident.  Says Dr Duvenage, ‘Severe trauma (in any form) can have a detrimental impact on your health.

It disrupts your hormonal balance in various ways which then leads to massive amounts of inflammation. The inflammation then causes your skin to react. The best way to combat this is to prevent the ill-effects of this severe trauma. Following a healthy diet will ensure optimal recovery from such events, and practicing meditation will enhance relaxation in the body.’

Healthy habits

Says Dr Duvenage, ‘Of all my recommendations to clients,the most important one is good dietary habits. It’s also the one thing that most people struggle with. If you consume the right diet that works for you, your body and skin will feel and function at their best. A structured skincare routine is also very important, but it’s not a cookie-cutter fit everyone. It’s necessary to find and use the right products for your skin type and skin concerns.’

Posted in partnership with Skin Renewal.


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