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How much ammunition can the bulletproof BMW X5 Protection VR6 withstand?

There's no need to dodge a bullet with the X5 Protection VR6 according to BMW.


BMW X5 Protection VR6

This armoured version of the X5 is designed to offer protection against kidnappings, firearms and assorted misdemeanours. Named after its certified protection rating (VR6), it is almost indistinguishable from the standard X5 and is made from steel armour plating.

An aluminium splinter shield protects the floor and powertrain from hand grenades. The windows are made from polycarbonate-reinforced glass and are 33mm thick. Fun pub fact: BMW reckons the X5 can protect occupants from an AK-47, as well as explosive blasts of up to 15kg from a distance of four metres.

With a self-sealing fuel tank, it is designed to prevent explosions. The only weak spot is the roof, but this can also be upgraded with paneling to withstand explosives. Find out more at


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