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How Wheels Club is taking the lead in premium vehicle storage and private brokering

Under strip lights and standing on a spotless floor are rows of cars – Porsches, McLarens, Bentleys - it’s a Top Trumps car park. Wheels Club is reinventing the wheel when it comes to luxury car sales and storage.
Wheels Club luxury car

It’s a secure storage garage called Wheels Club, a place for luxury and exotic car lovers who don’t have room to park yet another Ferrari on the drive, or who just want to leave their DB11 in caring hands and drive it as and when the fancy takes them.

But your money buys more than just a parking space. The Wheels Club’s industry expertise means you can add to your collection with their ultimate sales portal to classic and exotic cars. With nearly two decades of experience in sales, they have more than earned the reputation of luxury vehicle specialists. Their exclusive one-on-one sales style means you establish a connection with one team member and maintain all your business with the same person, ensuring the smoothest of deals.

The facility, less than 5km from Sandton City, offers 24-hour, on-site security guards and CCTV cameras. Wheels Club members get more than a few perks when they join the club – including all access to a classy mezzanine area, the option to book out the boardroom, and exclusive invitations to Wheels Club events.

Wheels Club has also partnered with expert industry detailers, Rocket Auto Care to ensure your car is always in optimum condition. The exclusive membership packages are ideal for clients who want the full-suite of Wheels Club’s services.

For more information on services and membership, visit the Wheels Club’s website.

Browse the sales portal to discover the ultimate collection of both classic and exotic cars here.


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