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Introducing Black Gold Jewellery

In 2015, Black Gold Jewellery emerged as a premium extension of the Black Betty brand (which designer Kristin Weixelbaumer founded in 2012), extending our spectrum of compatibility to the most luxurious and life-changing occasions.

“I have had a lifelong fascination with the symbiosis between natural elements and the human experience. My journey, constantly driven by my passions for design, travel, and mysticism, reached a logical conclusion in northern India, encountering the centuries-old tradition of gem craftsmanship. At the intersection of cultural, spiritual and geological fascination, a calling rang out.” We believe that Jewellery oughtn’t be mere decoration; a slave to style.  When a mutual respect exists between object and wearer, one honours the origin of the material, and its inherent providence. We believe that there is a sense of magic in wearing a polished and cherished fragment of the earth on your person. The reward for consciously adorning jewellery is a sense of femininity, intent, and connectedness.

Once the sun descends and the night sky starts to sparkle, Black Betty becomes Black Gold – our premium range for premium occasions. Rooted in the same ethos of spontaneity and authenticity, Black Gold projects a more focused intent, designed to garner attention and be cherished for a lifetime. Characterised by the regal combination of gold and diamonds, these pieces are assets as much as they are accessories.

Utilising hand-cut precious and semi-precious stones suspended in treasured metals, Black Gold (like Black Betty) derives endless joy from working with the earth’s hidden treasures and aims to transmit this joy to its customers by creating timeless pieces of jewellery for all women and men.

Handcraftsmanship is the cornerstone of our creative process, and we value the essence of humanity inherent in imperfection. Our jewellery is designed with pencils and paper, and brought into existence by the dexterous fingers of artisans in India, Bali, Sri Lanka and Cape Town.

By virtue of this core value every Black Gold piece is wholly unique, and an expression of personality. Our extensive range of pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets spans the spectrum from daily to ceremonial, with something for any mood, occasion, or cosmic age.

Black Gold | RAVEN

RAVEN is the exposition of our shadow self; an emissary from the inky side of our consciousness. True knowledge of self can only begin once we embrace our darkest fears and desires, and the RAVEN collection manifests this awareness.  Inspired by the lore of cultures from across the globe, designs in the RAVEN collection draw on ancient totems and symbols like the snake, the skull, the feather, and the arrow, formulating a mythical narrative in their adornment. Black and white diamonds set in either silver or gold characterise this premium collection, glimmering like dew on a moonlit spiderweb, or a stolen glimpse of your lover’s eyes in the rearview mirror as you cruise through some unknown town.

Black Gold | ECLIPSE

ECLIPSE exemplifies the Black Gold principle of celebrating the uniqueness and authenticity inherent in imperfection. Deviating from the entrenched expectation of a flawless gemstone, the ECLIPSE collection utilises uncut diamonds virtually unmodified from their centuries-long slumber within the earth. What these stones lack in chiseled refinement, they make up for in character: Every diamond is wholly unique, pure, and unpretentious. Organic diamonds don’t scream for attention, but once beheld their subtle allure is quite mesmerising. Like the lines on our palms, the innate flaws in each stone tell a very personal story. The reverse side of each stone is coated in sterling silver to accentuate the stone’s structure and moon-like lustre. These are then set in complementary 14-karat gold, with each design responding to the natural shape of the raw diamond. In northern India these uncut treasures are traditionally adorned in wedding cermonies and passed on as family heirlooms. The Black Gold ECLIPSE collection offers you the opportunity to continue this legacy of purity and honour in a stylish, contemporary context.


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