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Introducing Moët Ice Impérial Rosé

Yes Way Rosé!

Ready, set, rosé! Dive into summer with an all-new champagne “on the rocks” experience. Introducing Moët Ice Impérial Rosé, the world’s first rosé champagne specifically created to be enjoyed on ice. It’s a fresh and vibrant new rosé expression of the groundbreaking Moët Ice Impérial.

Available only at global hotspots, Moët Ice Impérial Rosé promises to be the most sought-after champagne of the summer season in Cape Town!

Share The Now: Moët Ice Impérial Rosé is even better enjoyed with friends

Rosé champagne on the rocks? Mais oui!

Summertime is the moment for sharing unforgettable experiences between friends. Beachfront or poolside, Moët Ice Impérial Rosé is a fresh and vibrant new way to enjoy daytime gatherings with friends.

This champagne is in its element when shared between friends who consciously live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. THE NOW is an invitation to experience the universe of Moët, and there’s no better way to do it “on the rocks” than with the fresh and vibrant Moët Ice Impérial Rosé. So grab a large cabernet-style glass, pour the Moët Ice Impérial Rosé, add three ice cubes, and get ready to start your summer.

Explore The Now: The Most Pioneering Rosé Champagne Experience


moe%cc%88t-ice-imperial-roseFresh, vibrant and served over ice, Moët Ice Impérial Rosé stylishly breaks traditional champagne “rules.” Only Moët & Chandon could have pioneered this new way of enjoying rosé champagne, thanks to its nearly 275 years of expertise and bold spirit of celebration.

“Moët & Chandon’s pioneering spirit is legendary. We created the world’s first champagne specifically created to be enjoyed on ice with Moët Ice Impérial. Now, we’re the first to innovate its rosé expression,” said Stéphane Baschiera, President and CEO of Moët & Chandon. “Moët Ice Impérial Rosé is a new way to drink rosé champagne, and an occasion to #openthenow.”

Play The Now: Moët Ice Impérial Rosé Summer Playlist

Summer rocks in a whole new way with the Moët Ice Impérial Rosé playlist. These 10 fresh tracks from Sylq Studio, the talented young French duo, are the perfect summer soundtrack.

With sounds that range from upbeat pop to laid-back lounge, the playlist hits that summer “sweet spot”: it’s music for sunny afternoons that transition slowly into evening. So chill out with Dive Into The Now, dance the afternoon away with Summertime, and have fun in the sun with Summer Ice – the Moët Ice Impérial Rosé playlist has got you covered. Listen and download the free playlist on

Taste The Now: Moët Ice Impérial Rosé

Moët Ice Impérial Rosé has a gleaming, vivid pink color with golden highlights. Its vibrant, fruity bouquet has scents mainly of fragrant red berries and cherries (Morello cherry, lingonberry, cranberry), with nuances of juicy summer fruits (fig, nectarine) and an appetizing note of grenadine. Its luscious palate combines sweetness and firmness: the sweetness reminiscent of berries disperses and becomes lighter, there is a harmonious balance of freshness and fruitiness, and a refreshing finish with a deliciously bittersweet note of pink grapefruit.

“The new Moët Ice Impérial Rosé joins the highly successful Moët Ice Impérial, and together they create one of our most groundbreaking champagne range,” said Benoît Gouez,  Chef de Cave for Moët & Chandon. “Moët Ice Impérial Rosé is an innovative new example of Moët & Chandon’s champagne ‘on ice’ savoir-faire, and gives an experience that is intensely fruity and rich in the mouth, with a distinctly crisp and fresh finish.”

Available from coastal hotspots nationwide from R649.95.

* Not available in Johannesburg.


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