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Introducing Musgrave Crafted Gin

Musgrave Gin is no ordinary spirit - it is an artisan gin celebrated for its top notes of Cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of Paradise.

Hope on Hopkins distillery collaborated with esteemed South African craft distiller, Roger Jorgensen, to formulate Musgrave Gin, based on botanicals chosen by Musgrave Gin founder, Simone Musgrave. Juniper and coriander are steeped in neutral spirit, which is then finely distilled in Mildred, with a basket containing the rest of the botanicals sitting in the path of the vapour and delicately infused into the spirit.

Maurice Boon Musgrave, grandfather of founder Simone Musgrave, left Plymouth  in 1949 bound for Africa to start a new life exploring and discovering the people and land of Africa. Three months on a ship with a small baby, a measles outbreak and many a day of seasickness and the adventure that would change the shape of his family had begun. From then onward an African family would take on the adventure Maurice had started.  The spirit of endevour, adventure and courage lives on in granddaughter, Simone, guardian of Maurice’s passion for the unusual.

Musgrave Gin is born out of the flavours and history of Africa and its ancient spice route.  Musgrave Premium is no ordinary gin and its top notes of aromatic Cardamom, African Ginger (Whitei Mondei) and Grains of Paradise are reminiscent of the perfume of spice markets. Cardamom, part of the ginger family is fragrant and spicy with a strong flavour and perfume and is used in North Africa to flavour tea and meat dishes.  Whitei Mondei or African Ginger is a truly magical African herb.  The roots are aromatic and taste like ginger or liquorice and have an aroma of vanilla. Mondei has for a long time been extensively and widely used in traditional medicine as an antacid and as a boosting tonic. Some sources indicate that the plant is further used as a symbol of peace and a sign of power.  Grains of Paradise, native to Africa are worth a couple of minutes’ meditation. The aroma is woody and forest-like and the flavour is an inviting, peppery warmth without the harshness of black pepper.  The woody character gives way to cloves, cinnamon and a faint hint of cardamom and leaves you with a gentle flame.  Musgrave Gin top notes are all linked by family of Africa or a family of flavours as is the Musgrave history.

Musgrave Gin can be found at select bars, restaurants and liquor stores around South Africa.


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