Jaeger-LeCoultre’s mechanical and finesse vision

Jaeger-LeCoultre marks 185 years with a new Reverso Tribute Tourbillon Duoface limited edition, bringing together the flying tourbillon and the Duoface concept.
Jaeger LeCoultre

A single watch that offers two time zones on two separate dials is at the heart of this revolutionary concept for the new Reverso Tribute Tourbillon Duoface; he concept of reversibility is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Jaeger-LeCoultre to this day.

It’s equipped with the new manually wound calibre, and shows Jaeger-LeCoultre’s exclusivity down to the limited very few number of models produced – just 50.

The design of the Duoface has been completely revamped, resulting in a new layout so that all the various components fit into a platinum case measuring a mere 9.15 millimetres. The result is two hand-fittings in a single movement brought together with a grand complication.

Designed with stylistic codes borrowed from Art Deco -the same that have characterised the legendary Reverso ever since its creation in 1931 – this new opus pays homage to the original models, timepieces which are inseparable from both the history and heritage of the anufacture.