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Exploring Mercedes’ sporty C-Class Coupé

The sportiest variant of the iconic Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the new Coupé promises a seduction of the heart and mind.

Mercedes’ new Coupé is the slick embodiment of modern luxury – inside and out. As is expected from the German luxury car brand, an experience in driving pleasure is as mandatory as the best in safety features or sublime performance.

To this end, a dynamically configured chassis, with optional air suspension, forms the basis for a high level of comfort, low road roar and agile handling. Lightweight construction, excellent aerodynamics and high-performance and efficient engines likewise play their part. At the same time, the Mercedes C-Class Coupé’s body is now much stiffer and stronger thanks to the use of high-strength materials – a positive for both driving dynamics and crash safety. Indeed, safety is front of mind for the Marque, with a host of assistance systems providing protection of the very highest calibre – all this without skimping on luxury.

The sporty character of the Coupé is punctuated by a high beltline and frameless doors with free-standing exterior mirrors.


There’s little doubt that the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé is a head-turner. Clean lines and sensually arranged surfaces structure the side sections into vivid light and shadow effects with one particular highlight being the long, drawn-out dropping line typical of a Coupé which, in contrast to the C-Class sedan, extends further past the rear wheel arch. The Coupé’s suspension is also 15 millimetres lower than that of the sedan, which along with the standard 17-inch tyres makes it look poised and ready to take on any road.


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