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Mercedes-Benz pits man against beast

Mercedes-Benz has embarked on a lavish campaign to demonstrate the strength of its new SUVs.

It’s #EveryTerrain campaign is fast gaining in popularity. Now in its fourth episode of a six-part series Mercedes-Benz sent renowned photographer Adrian Steirn and lion whisperer Kevin Richardson on a safari in the powerful G-Class. Their challenge? To capture one portrait.

Fans will be treated to an awe-inspiring experience of ‘Man vs Beast’. ‘The duo had just 48 hours to conceptualise and get the perfect shot for a billboard depicting a unique message to raise awareness around canned hunts and the plight of Africa’s lions,’ says Selvin Govender, marketing director Mercedes-Benz Cars.

They headed to Welgedacht Private Game Reserve, between the Bobbejaansberge and the Boekenhoutspruit outside Pretoria, to work with these large predators, which proved to be a challenge for Adrian.

Lions are not the easiest of subject matter for a film-shoot, whereas Kevin felt quite at home in his Wildlife Sanctuary with these huge carnivores. Adrian had his legendary G-Class to help familiarise himself with the pride and to keep him safe.

Despite adverse weather conditions, Adrian and Kevin managed to capture the perfect shot!

‘We are not only inspired by the creativity and the beauty of these lions, but we are also deeply aware of the dangers these predators face with the morally distasteful practice of ‘canned lion hunting’,’ adds Govender.

The message: ‘What legacy will we leave for our future generations?’


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