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Ndabuko Ntuli’s latest solo exhibition is an ode to his prolific grandfather

Artist and traditional healer, Ndabuko Ntuli, has a solo exhibition opening at The Melrose Gallery in Johannesburg from next week, 18th May.

Jack of all trades and master of many, Ndabuko Ntuli is set to open his latest solo exhibition at The Melrose Gallery next week, 18 May. The exhibition, which will run until 3 June, continues to explore trash and found objects as the artist’s chosen medium, while the exhibition’s opening will see the practicing sangoma, director, playwright, poet and musician performing new songs and poems that he has created specially for the this work.

Born in 1975 in rural KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. He is married to the niece of Chief Mbangiseni Dlomo of the village of Isidashi. Whilst he has taken the decision to live and work in Alexandra in Johannesburg, his Zulu culture remains a central pillar of his life, as does his family.

This much can be seen in the latest solo through his use of primary colours, and both rounded and geometric shapes, all which work to mimic the designs used in traditional Zulu earplugs, beading, attire and Zulu love letters.

Ntuli has dedicated the exhibition to his grandfather,  a prolific sculptor, who encouraged Ntuli to take up art from an early age. The exhibition itself is called ‘Message from my Grandfather’,  who came to Ntuli in a dream and explained his obsession with trash as a medium. He explained that Ntuli was tasked to give life to those things that people considered worthless. That someone who could respect trash could find value in all things.

See the gallery below for a taste of what awaits visitors to the exhibition. You can get more information on Ntuli through The Melrose Gallery.


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