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Performance, and then some at Daytona

McLaren Johannesburg has officially opened at the Daytona showroom in Melrose Arch. It also happens to be one of the biggest McLaren showroom in the world.
Performance, and then some at Daytona

The launch of the McLaren ‘Spiders’ – the 720S and 600LT – caused quite a headrush earlier this year. It’s the 720S we love, though. It’s blisteringly fast, and has phenomenal driver engagement. With the groundbreaking Monocage II-S (which minimises flex and twist) at its core, it provides exceptional levels of feedback.

Slip it into Sport or Track mode, and the true athleticism of a car born from a long Formula 1 heritage is unleashed. Select Comfort mode, and the 720S Spider transforms. Its pioneering hydraulic suspension creates a relaxing and comfortable drive – tuned perfectly for everyday driving through town or country. So whether you’re out for a quick spin or pushing the limits at your favourite track, the 720S Spider will perform.

For more information and inquiries visit Daytona’s website.


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