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Piero Lissoni reimagines comfort with his Dock sofa for B&B Italia

B&B Italia's Dock, from IL Lusso, is a sofa system that can be configured with 84 different modular components, and blends both comfort and aesthetics.
Piero Lissoni reimagines comfort with his Dock sofa for B&B Italia

Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni describe Dock as “a platform for lamps, books and life”. A solid wooden platform forms the base of the system, to which cushions, armrests and oval or round tables can be added to build a custom configuration. Cushions come in a variety of thicknesses and can be upholstered in two new fabrics designed for the sofa, in addition to B&B Italia’s standard range of textiles and leathers.

The base platform can be raised above the ground on legs, or it can sit directly on the floor for a lower seat. “It’s possible to put the platform completely on the floor without legs, like a tatami bed,” Lissoni says.

Lissoni designed the system to be flexible so that people can reconfigure the sofa to fit different spaces when they move home, or their circumstances change. Clever.


According to Lissoni, designing the sofa system involved balancing innovation with the aesthetic style that B&B Italia is known for. He wanted to create something new, without contrasting with B&B’s history. “B&B Italia is the queen of contemporary design,” Lissoni says. “They started to be contemporary 50 years ago, and 50 years later they are still contemporary.”

The Dock sofa is part of the B&B Italia collection and is available at IL Lusso


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