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Artist Porky Hefer presents his latest at Design Miami / Basel 2018

Design Miami / Basel 2018 begins next week, and South Africa will be represented by artist, Porky Hefer, with his new do-good series Endangered.  

Known for his quirk, Porky Hefer was just the artist to inject some tactful humour into the serious topic that is animal endangerment. Hefer’s Endangered will be exhibited in Florida next week as part of Design Miami/Basel 2018, after being commissioned by the SFA Advisory, and presented by the Southern Guild.

Endangered features a series of pods made to look like an orangutan, a polar bear, a sloth, a blue whale, and a great white shark (some of the world’s endangered species), and were produced using environmentally-sustainable materials that have been extensively hand-worked by artisans in Cape Town. The exhibition, will go on to benefit the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) who will receive a percentage of sales to help with their environmental efforts currently spread across 80 countries.

Said Hefer of his work and its message, “It’s the future of the next generation that I am concerned about and the state of the world they inherit. Looking after our animals and Earth is one thing but also the preservation of human skills, crafts and traditions. I think it’s important to show what beauty humans are capable of with their hands rather than the destructive mass production that technology is driving the modern consumerist society towards.”

The works will be available for sale in a limited edition through Southern Guild gallery.


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