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Porsche’s seven most iconic cars of the last seven decades

Porsche was first founded in April of 1931, and have since gone on to contribute dozens of models to the luxury motoring industry. Here's seven of their best.

It’s difficult to forget your first Porsche. Especially when luxury German engineering means it’s likely still on the road, somewhere, being enjoyed by another emphatic driver. Porsche has a long history too, and recently released a video showcasing their seven most iconic cars across seven decades, starting with the 1950s Porsche 356 SL.

The video was posted through Porsche’s video magazine, 9:11 – so named for their well-heeled Nine Eleven line, and for the duration of each video (9min, 11sec) – which showcases some of the best cars in the group’s long history, while also keeping ‘one eye on the future’. All of this through a decidedly ’emotional and factual’ lens.

Some of other cars featured include the 1960s Porsche 911 2.0 Gran Coupé, the 1980s Porsche 959, and the 1990s Porsche Boxster. Get ready for a short drive down memory lane.


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