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Queuing up for the Audi Q2

Value for money, good to drive – Audi’s new baby is all this and precocious too.

I think Audi have got it horribly wrong with their Q2. Perhaps I should explain before the good folk of Ingolstadt have a collective cadenza because they are uniformly thrilled about the latest addition to their sport utility vehicle (SUV) ‘Q’-series.

Audi has called the Q2 ‘an urban vehicle perfect for everyday driving and recreation, bundling youthful styling and technology with a high level of functionality. The sporty yet compact SUV with all-road genes and coupe design is a new entrant into the premium SUV segment of the market and it’s one all-rounder determined not to fit the boxes.’

In light of the final statement, the company has appended the cheeky #untaggable label to the vehicle and I cannot dispute any of the above. But Audi has said the Q2 is an entry-level vehicle into the segment and will be the departure point for SUV-users to go on to bigger and better things … namely the Q3, Q5 and, ultimately, the Q7. I’m not so sure: I don’t think I’d ever want to give the Q2 back – it’s just too cool and fun to run.

The model was launched recently with only one of three engine derivatives, a 1.4-litre petrol-fed powerplant, and I was lucky to take one with all the bells and whistles (which gave it a R709K price tag) from Stellenbosch and over the Bainskloof Pass.

It zoomed off like a gingered nag when it was able but was as stable and sure-footed as a Clydesdale when it was necessary. Then we discovered we’d been in the ‘comfortable’ of the five driving modes and switched to ‘dynamic’. Wheeeeeee!

Audi will be introducing South Africa to a single-litre petrol Q2 and a two-litre turbo-diesel version in the next couple of months, and I think they will be great additions to the range. But if I had the cash to spare in the interim, I wouldn’t bother waiting.

By Jim Freeman, from Private Edition, Issue 35


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