Resonances de Cartier

This High Jewellery collection resounds with the collective sparkle of the finest precious stones and gems selected for their distinctive character.

A breath of air washes over the stones. A beating heart comes to life, stark shapes pounding, resonating, unleashing their forms. Life-giving pulse, unwavering oscillations, vital rhythms: the stones breathe. A frisson of energy embraces one creation after another, tingling, awakening the senses.

Playing on contrasts and freehand lines, Cartier has crafted a vibrant and graphic aesthetic expressing the powerful personalities of the stones. Expert designs and artfully composed motifs create movement and suggest rhythm or fluidity, cadence or undulation. A resounding duality echoes from one piece to the next. Unfettered yet purposeful, gleaming with creative energy, each stone is treasured as the origin and foundation of all inspiration.