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Sana Jardin is the cult ethical beauty brand that doesn’t compromise on luxe

There's no need to compromise on quality to buy ethically, as Sana Jardin proves. 

While we’re exploring and investing in green energy, we’d be remiss not to extend that forethought to other areas of life – even with something as consumable as fragrance. One could argue that the close contact that our beauty products have with our skin makes it especially important to know where that product is coming from, what it contains, and who made it. This is the conscious beauty movement.

Perfumery Sana Jardin knows this space well, as the self-acclaimed ‘first socially-conscious, luxury fragrance house.’ Stunningly combined natural essential oils give rise to delicately-finished products thanks to world-renowned Master Perfumer, Carlos Benaim. The fragrance is then encased in a stylish minimalist bottle. But Sana Jardin are concerned with more than appearances, and even the olfactory for that matter. What is apparent to any visitor to their store, is that Sana Jardin is about concrete, results-driven social change.

Sana Jardin operate their humanitarian and ecological initiatives through their trademarked ‘The Beyond Sustainability Movement‘, which aims to empower local communities, make trade fair, create transparency around their chain of production, and put an end to needless organic waste.

Find out more on Sana Jardin’s website.


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