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Scuderia South Africa reveals “California T -Out of Africa”

Scuderia South Africa, the official Ferrari dealer pays tribute to the majestic realms of the African savanna as it reveals "California T- Out of Africa" a captivating new video produced in cooperation with Ferrari Middle East & Africa, showcasing Ferrari's California T in authentic African surrounds.

Captured in the heart of Pilanesberg, Scuderia South Africa, showcases how the African landscape plays in perfect harmony with the prancing horses’ sophisticated grand tourer.

Turning the unforgiving environments into unforgettable moments, the Ferrari California T awakens with the birds and blends perfectly into nature. The unique experience offered in the lush green African landscapes is enhanced with the thrill of the sportiness and versatility of the California T.

In contrast to the sea, there’s something about land, it carries with it its own distinguishable mystical beauty. Ferrari, just like Africa, is rich in culture and tradition and could not have a better setting to represent such distinct characteristics. The twisting unpaved roads of the African landscape is skillfully navigated while attaining to the California T’s Grand Touring DNA. The beauty of the unforgiving wild is tamed within the roar of the exhilarating soundtrack and renowned performance as the California T proudly demonstrates its astounding racing heritage.

Experiencing the Ferrari California T on a majestic Grand Tour is a prestigious occasion that can only be described as the African dream.

Watch the beauty unfold.


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