Sensitive transformation by Snøhetta

The 1980’s postmodern tower located at 550 Madison Avenue is about to be reimagined

The renovation, by architects Snøhetta, is the first major project to be announced for New York City’s East Midtown since its revitalisation plan was approved earlier this year. While the recognisable top of the tower will remain a fixture of the New York City skyline, the base will be transformed into an inviting street front, extending the lively activity of Madison Avenue further south to 55th Street. The adjacent public area will nearly double in size to create a lush outdoor garden.

Sensitive transformation by Snøhetta 1

Snøhetta says their design will update the building with state-of-art systems and breathe new life into the building’s public, retail and office spaces for the contemporary needs of one of the world’s most recognised avenues.