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Setting an integrative tone to a healthy lifestyle

Skin Renewal’s homeopath, Dr Abbey Wagner, delves into how to achieve longevity.
Setting an integrative tone to a healthy lifestyle

The role of a good doctor is to support the patients’ health rather than just treat their illness. From a practical aspect, investigations can be done in order to establish nutritional deficiencies or hormonal abnormalities for example. Genetic profiling, within reason, can be undertaken to give us an idea of hereditary vulnerabilities and tendencies.

This information can be used in a positive manner to avoid or reduce one’s risk of developing hereditary chronic diseases by adjusting lifestyle, avoiding dietary triggers and supplementing correctly.

When treating patients holistically doctors must still work from a clinical and evidence-based stance, but take into consideration the individual’s unique circumstances and precipitating factors that may have led up to the complaint.

Often patients are looking for alternatives to hormone replacement, statins, antihypertensives for mild to moderate hypertension, immune support and chronic management for the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Functional medicine, Bioregulation, Biopuncture, sleep studies, supplemental IV’s, and Ozone insufflation form an integrative approach to addressing many of these areas.

Healthcare is evolving, and we have a growing awareness of how the choices that we make on a daily basis impact on our health – both physically and psychologically.

I would like it if homeopathic medicine was more widely accepted as first line medicine, as it is in a few other countries. If this were the case in South Africa it would allow for greater public access to very affordable and yet effective homeopathic treatment within the public healthcare sector. Homeopathy does not seek to replace allopathic medicine. Emergency medicine for infectious or life threatening disease needs to be allopathic. I would like to see the two areas of medicine working much more synergistically for the greater benefit of the patient.

Dr Abbey Wagner qualified as a homeopath in 2007. She uses homeopathy, functional medicine, Bioregulation, and Biopuncture to provide a very holistic approach to the patient and their ailments. Dr Abbey consults from the Durban and Umhlanga Skin Renewal branches.

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