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Thom Browne designs for The Rug Company

Thom Browne has always been respected for his painstaking attention to detail and precision tailoring, as well as his recurring use of the colour grey.

The American designer’s collection for The Rug Company continues this exploration of texture and form, precision and cut, and has challenged The Rug Company to develop a new weaving technique. The result is a collection of rugs that is unique, celebrating both companies’ commitment to bringing together exceptional quality and traditional craftsmanship with a fresh design vision.

Christopher Sharp, co-founder of The Rug Company says, “We’ve been admirers of Thom and his work for many years. We knew his work would translate strongly into interiors. The rugs he has designed, in a similar way to his clothes, have a clarity and personality that makes them both desirable and impactful.”

The cable knit design takes its inspiration from the understated utility of a classic Aran jumper; it evokes the traditional knit pattern, which transitions perfectly into a rug using the same materials as the original, only updated and reworked for a modern audience. The deceptively simple rug has been hand-carved, with the design effectively engraved into the rug, requiring exceptional weaving skills and a new technique developed by The Rug Company’s weavers in Nepal.

Thom Browne designs for The Rug Company 1

Firstly, the Cable Knit pattern is drawn by hand and then pin-pricked into very thin paper, which is laid on top of a plain hand knotted rug. The paper is covered in fine chalk dust, which seeps through the holes and creates a template. When the paper is removed, the weavers then follow this chalk template, carefully cutting and carving into the wool pile of the rug to create the design in painstaking detail.

For Browne, the Repp Stripe rug signifies the repp stripe necktie; the stripes are depicted in silk on the wool background of the exact same colour, allowing the natural sheen of silk yarns to bring out the subtle lines. The border of blue, white and red acts as a counterpart to the grey field of the rug. This distinct tricolour edging is the signature which Browne subtly applies to his clothing, a nod to his American heritage.

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