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Vedanā: The collection of Véronique Susman-Savigne

Steenberg Estate's Norval Foundation is giving the public a rare opportunity to view private art collections. 

Worldwide, only a few high quality art collections are accessible to the public, while many remain on view only in private residences, corporate offices or are simply hidden away in storage. Norval Foundation is launching the Collector’s Focus series of exhibitions to provide an important platform where artworks in these collections can be viewed, discussed and appreciated.

Vedanā: The collection of Véronique Susman-Savigne 1

“These exhibitions honour the contributions that collectors have made in supporting and promoting artists and designers, and they present an opportunity to share with the public the vital role that collectors play,” says Elana Brundyn, Director of Norval Foundation.

Vedanā: ‘Experiences of Tonality in the Véronique Susman-Savigne Collection’, on display in Gallery 9 at Norval Foundation until 7 January 2019, forms part of the Collector’s Focus series of private art collections. This exhibition presents a constellation of works from the collection of Véronique Susman-Savigne acquired on several continents, which reflects on humanity’s existential questions.

Vedanā is a Buddhist term referring to the range of pleasant, neutral and unpleasant sensations that occur when our physical sensations come into contact with our mental state and feelings. The selected works present in themes centred around love, identity, belonging, acceptance and rebellion, memory and amnesia, stillness and motion, rhythm and blues. The exhibition also catalogues life’s in between moments, where nothing happens. These are the neutral feelings in vedanā where time freezes, and where motions ease.

Vedanā: Experiences of Tonality in the Véronique Susman-Savigne Collection brings together figurative and abstract works; vivid faces, blurred figures, suggestions, declarations and gestures, as subjective equivalents of a life experienced. What is being represented are inner states of being.

For more visit the Norval Foundation website.


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