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When your brows are slouching

Age is not kind to the brows. The effects of gravity can cause the brow to droop but the aesthetic doctors at the Renewal Institute have nonsurgical solutions.
When your brows are slouching

Targeting a certain concern from various angles is one of the philosophies of the Renewal Institute, and a combination of treatments give the best results. With age, the eyebrows tend to lose their arch, becoming more horizontal. A chemical brow lift with injectables can recreate a more arched, youthful brow, producing similar results to a traditional brow lift but without the surgery.

Skin Renewal offers a range of nonsurgical options to treat sagging brows:

Liquid Facelift
The Liquid Facelift involves the use of strategically placed Botulinum Toxin (Botox/Dysport) and dermal fillers around the face to reverse the signs of ageing. Botulinum Toxin is a neurotoxin that blocks nerve activity in the muscle causing the muscle to become paralysed. Botulinum Toxin is used for dynamic wrinkles, which are lines that can become permanent due to the animation of your face.

Laser facelift with skin tightening devices
Titan is an infrared light that has the ability to stimulate the fibroblast cells in the dermis to encourage new healthy collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. By gently heating the deeper layers of the skin, not only is new collagen production stimulated, but the collagen already in the skin is contracted which causes an immediate lifting and tightening effect.

3D Skin Rejuvenation combination treatment
The 3D Skin Rejuvenation treatment involves Titan, Limelight/Photogenesis and Laser Genesis. Limelight/Photogenesis are IPL (intense pulsed light) devices that specifically focus on sun spots, superficial pigmentation, and redness. By doing Titan, Laser Genesis and IPL in one session sustained bulk heating is created in all the layers of the skin in order to maximise results on sagging brows.

During carboxytherapy, medical grade CO2 gas is injected under the skin to stimulate certain biological processes. Depending on where the gas is injected, collagen and elastin synthesis can be stimulated, which can increase cellular turnover assisting in exfoliation. Blood and lymph circulation can be increased to treat cellulite and even destroy fat cells.

These treatments, with the exception of IPL, can be used for all skin types. The procedures depend on the clients’ main concern, budget and timeline as some treatments such as fillers will show immediate results, whereas Botox takes around 14 days to get the full effect. Treatments such as Titan, Radiofrequency and laser take a minimum of three months to stimulate new collagen to see the full effect.

Find out more about the treatments at the Renewal Institute here.

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