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Iconic local chandeliers light up a retrospective exhibition

Over the last decade and a half, art lighting company Willowlamp has created a veritable library of remarkable designs and memorable silhouettes for viewing.

Over time, the style of the designs has evolved, from creative director Adam Hoets’ first iterations exploring sacred geometry and forms found in nature, to newer, more contemporary pieces that demonstrate a cleaner, more contemporary sensibility. Willowlamp’s latest collection, launched late in 2018, sees Hoets come full circle with new lights that combine these attributes.

What remains true for all the brand’s designs, from day one to present, is a commitment to craft and a considered and conceptual approach. This gives the pieces enormous gravitas in an interior space and makes them iconic in their own right – modern heirlooms for future generations of design lovers.

With a large number of these pieces – from old to new – in the same location for a limited time, Willowlamp wanted to take the opportunity to show off the breadth and variety of its work over the years.

In order to do this, Willowlamp is inviting the public to come and see this impressive array of pieces on display in the very place they are crafted – in the studio in Cape Town – from the 4th to 6th of July.

To further celebrate this landmark moment, and the gathering of archival and current pieces, the samples will also be available for purchase at reduced rates.

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