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6 Skin tips from the people who understand skin

When it comes to healthy skin, prevention is always better than cure. The founder of the Renewal Institute, Dr Maureen Allem, and two skin experts at the institute share their crucial skin tips.
Skin Renewal Institute

Temperature aside, how important is regularly applying sunscreen as you age?

“Applying sunscreen to the face, neck and décolleté is essential, as the sun can cause noticeable changes to the skin such as age spots, leathery skin, fine wrinkles, a blotchy complexion and even skin cancer. Visible signs of ageing from sun damage can show as early as your twenties but it’s between 35 and 49 that the real damage comes to the fore. The more diligent you are about protecting your skin, the better the chances are of looking younger for longer,” says Dr Maureen Allem.

The festive season is approaching and with that comes a little indulging and excess in terms of eating and drinking. What ingredients do you encourage people to consume or apply on their bodies to help mitigate the effects of a less-than-virtuous lifestyle?

“Applying fruity acid products to the body is an extremely effective, gentle moisturising exfoliation and cell turnover stimulator. Eating enough protein in your diet, depending on one’s activity level, provides much of the building blocks for collagen formation. High vitamin C foods also improve skin tone and collagen, while omega 3 such as in fish, prevents skin dehydration and inflammation to an extent.” says Dr Graham Duncombe.

What skin products do you recommend your clients buy in bulk in summer when people are prone to sun damage and dehydration?

“A good sunscreen should be right at the top of the list. I recommend Heliocare’s 360 range, together with the Heliocare capsules which act as internal sunscreen giving you that extra protection,” says Dr Pitsi Kewana. “I also encourage using a heavier, ceramide-based moisturiser at night to help put some moisture back into the skin, and something lighter during the day coupled with a good antioxidant. Using a lighter hyaluronic acid-based moisturiser during the day gives the skin moisture without being oily, which is great for these hot summer days.”

What is the best skin-care ingredient for the over-thirty and forty upgrade?

“Without a doubt, vitamin A, such as retinol, should be introduced as soon as you can, as these have been scientifically proven to repair sun damage, restore elasticity and soften fine lines. Vitamin A is available in various strengths and should be introduced at the lowest concentration and gradually increased in strength and frequency as the skin allows. Vitamin A may cause photosensitive reactions with lasers and skin peels, but overtime will even increase the skin’s resistance to sunburn,” explains Dr Graham Duncombe.

What are some of your best tips for exfoliating?

“When exfoliating, you should focus on your body and not your face. Many people tend to over-exfoliate their faces, which lead to breakouts and pigmentation. For your face, you should consider safer face treatments to trigger cell turnover such as light chemical peels, and I strongly recommend that those are done professionally. The best time to exfoliate is when your skin is dry before you enter the shower to get the maximum blood pumping effect,” says Dr Pitsi Kewana.

What skincare routine do you encourage everyone to follow religiously?

“Start by cleansing the skin with a cleanser that does not change the Ph levels of the skin, followed by a primer that provides the skin with probiotics. I then refer to what is known as the GRASS principle, which includes active skincare ingredients such as growth factor serums, retinoids, antioxidants speciality products, and sunblock,” advises Dr Maureen Allem.

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