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A great escape

Heures d'Absence, Louis Vuitton's first ever perfume, has been reborn, and the new scent will take you places!

In 1927, at the height of the Roaring Twenties in all their creative effervescence, the Maison Louis Vuitton launched its first perfume, Heures d’Absence, named after the country home the Vuitton family acquired in the Seine-et-Marne region in the 1920s.

The fragrance captured the spirit of the day and its design celebrated the new modes of transport that were then emerging: a triumphant airplane was engraved on the bottle, whose box was shaped like a kilometre marker. Behind this singular, memorable name, one divines a resolutely optimistic message, an invitation to travel that’s at once introspective and emotional. Which resonates now more than ever.

It captures the spirit of a chance to break free and let go, shake off the blues and seize the day, and goodness knows we all want that right now. Heures d’Absence evokes great escapes, suspended moments of grace in which one plunges into daydreams. The name could hardly fall into oblivion: it was destined to be reborn, nearly a century later, to take on new life and prolong the dream. On the other hand, no one knows what the original perfume smelled like – the formula has long since been lost. This presented the Maison Louis Vuitton’s master perfumer with an ideal occasion to reinvent it according to a very personal vision, with complete freedom.

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Inspired by themes of joy, love and escapism, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud wished to convey the fragrance in an ode to the blossoms from Grasse, greatly considered to be the world’s capital of perfume. Opalescent jasmine offers a majestic edge, with aromatic hints of May rose evoking the scent of flowers dotted along the French Riviera in springtime, all processed using the CO2 extraction technology. Warm vanilla notes of Peruvian balm highlight radiance and sophistication, with Sri Lankan sandalwood and musk promising eternal indulgence and sensuality. Find out more at

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