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A Limpopo safari wanderlust to write home about

Discover a satisfying blend of contemporary design and nature at Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa.

There’s an unmistakable odour along the path to our villa – the calling card of an elephant bull in musth. We missed his visit while on a bush walk from the malaria-free Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa in the Welgevonden Game Reserve in Limpopo. The reserve has Big Five appeal, and conservation and anti-poaching efforts are a priority. Elephant, zebra, warthog and impala are some of the regulars at the waterhole in front of the lodge, their activity best viewed from an underground hide.

The elephant also have a penchant for the salt water in the lodge swimming pool –we stood quietly on the veranda, marvelling at their trunks reaching over the wall, drinking, splashing, spraying and even blowing bubbles. Seeing brown spotted hyenas on safari was an unexpected novelty. Back at the lodge, each meal surpassed the last. The staff and guiding team share a wealth of experience in hospitality and game viewing, the latter being paramount during any bush stay.

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