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An expert outlook on scientifically sound anti-ageing therapies

It’s a privilege to get older, says Skin Renewal’s Dr Shahra Sattar, and with a scientifically based, tailored approach, ageing can be managed.

Dr Shahra Sattar, of the Renewal Institute, wants to give her patients a simple framework to think about when trying to understand how to preserve the skin’s longevity. The four principles she focuses on make it easy for patients to see how a holistic approach to skincare is the best way of taking care of one’s appearance. Those elements include a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude, both of which go a long way towards achieving beautiful skin. When combined with correct home cosmeceutical use, regular clinic treatments and the occasional injectable treatment, beautiful skin well into old age is realistic.

An expert outlook on scientifically sound anti-ageing therapies Skin Renewal

Dr Sattar explains that at the Renewal Institute, the treatments are focused on scientifically sound, research-based evidence that stimulate the body’s own natural regeneration processes to heal itself. From the laser and peel treatments, to injectable treatments, all procedures are aimed at harnessing the body’s powerful rejuvenating ability.

As advanced-technology procedures and research continues to improve, Dr Sattar weighs in on the future of health and anti-ageing.

“There is so much exciting research on the importance of a healthy gut microbiome and how the gut truly plays a huge role in overall health and wellbeing. I am particularly excited by the move towards genetic testing in medicine, and the potential for highly individualised therapies based on the patient’s personal genetic makeup.

“The move towards genetic testing is important for longevity and wellness. My sincere hope is that one day we can do a simple swab as the patient enters the clinic, and analyse the genetics from DNA almost immediately, and then use that information to tailor patient treatment plans.”

Find out more about Dr Shahra Sattar and Skin Renewal here.


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