Back to elegant basics with BMW

The current BMW collection combines modern trends with attractive retro elements. To mark the occasion of the 40th anniversary, BMW M1 design elements can be found on a range of products.

Back to elegant basics with BMW 1

The BMW Concept Car Vision Next 100 copper design is a recurring element throughout the collection. The concept combines tradition and vision in a unique manner. The BMW collection uses the copper shade of the vehicle as well as its graphic elements. Copper adds a fashionable accent to the BMW collection. It adds meticulous detail that BMW is known for a variety of everyday accessories.

This clothing is made of Pima cotton, which is considered to be one of the finest cotton in the world. Grown, harvested and processed using ecologically friendly methods, this cotton provides a high degree of comfort.

Back to elegant basics with BMW

In addition to fashion, the BMW collection includes a large selection of accessories such as watches, umbrellas, luggage items as well as writing utensils, and it appeals to a broad target group.

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